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Hup Seng & KERK- Hup seng was registered in 1958 as a Hupseng Co., a partnership by the four founding directors of Hup Seng who are brothers. HSPM has been a household name synonymous with quality biscuits manufacturing. Today is of malaysias leaving biscuits manufacturers with numerous outstanding achievements. Through continuous upgrading, our products have been honoured with a number of international awards, including the 1991 taipei International gourmet Appraisal Organisation and the Monde Selection Awards from the International Institute for the Quality selections in Belgium since 1994 up to 2013, Product Excellence Award 2004 by Ministry of International trade and industry Malaysia, making Important milestones in the company.


Assorted biscuits

Top Point







Sweet Heart Biscuits

Sweet Home Biscuits

Assorted Packet Kerk

Kerk Happiness

Kerk Season

Sweet Time


Cheese Teddy

Coffee Marie

Kerk Chippy Chip


Choclate Teddy Biscuits

Deluxe Choclate Sandwich

deluxe cheese

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kerk delux cracker

kerk vege cracker

Hup Seng & KERK- Hup seng was registered in 1958 as a Hup song Co., a partnership by the four founding directors of Hup Seng who are brothers. HSPM has been a household name synonymous with quality biscuits manufacturing. Today is of malaysias leaving biscuits manufacturers with numerous outstanding achievements. Through continuous upgrading, our products have been honoured with a number of international awards, including the 1991 taipei International gourmet Appraisal Organisation and the Monde Selection Awards from the International Institute for the Quality selections in Belgium since 1994 up to 2013, Product Excellence Award 2004 by Ministry of International trade and industry Malaysia, making Important milestones in the company.

Miaow Miaow


cheese balls tin

cheese rings

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cheese rings

cheexy savoury chips

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hot and spicy

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pizza chips

vege snacks

Since year 1989, we have been well penetrated into the domestic market and our products have been distributed to all over Malaysia. Apart from the local wholesalers and retailers, our business coverage are concentrated in the high traffic outlets such as the hypermarkets, supermarkets, petrol kiosks, as well as the chain convenient stores. Our products have been recognized by a few hypermarkets for house-branding.

In 1999, we wrote a new historic page in Miaow Miaow achievement as we take our first step onto the globalize stage. To date, our core markets are in the Middle East Countries, Asia Pacific and Africa. We are moving aggressively towards the United States of America and European Countries.

In 2002, Miaow Miaow Food Products Sdn Bhd was accredited with ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP certification, both in our business operating system and in food safety and quality management system. With continuous improvement and investment in human capital and facilities upgrade, we strive to ensure our the products conform to the strictest requirements of quality management system (ISO 9001:2000) and food safety standard (HACCP requirements).

The Miaow Miaow line of products have been extended from time to time as the company gradually move into a mature stage. Miaow Miaow products ranged from the healthy extrusion snacks to roasting puffed snacks, frying puffed snacks, deep fried pillow snacks and potato chips. Our products will be continuously expanded and diversified in order to meet our customers' demand and to maintain sustainable growth in our business development.

Pt. Gloria

Biscuit Sticks

Chocolate Wafer Stick 120 grams

Vanilla and Chocolate Wafer Stick 120 grams

Vanilla Milk Wafer Stick 120 grams

vege stick biscotto

zyluc choco sticks

Wafer Rolls

Wafer Sticks Delight 750 grams

Biskotto Chocohazelnut wafer roll.

Biskotto Chocolate stick

Biskotto Strawberry sticks

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biscotto chocomint

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Sugar Free



Sugar-Free - 9 grain


Iko Biscuits -Ever since its establishment, YLF Manufacturing Sdn Bhd has moved aggressively in spreading its presence throughout the world. Our biscuits are now being enjoyed by consumers in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Being in the market for more than 15 years, our company has over 30 products being widely distributed in the market. Their great taste coupled with good nutritional value is another reason why our biscuits are in high demand.

In spite of our success over the last 20 years, we continue to develop and enhance our products and production methods to serve our customers better. We strive to be the market leader and share the experience of our seriously nutritious yet surprisingly delicious products.

Olympic Hermes

Jam soft candy



jelly soft candy

gelo candy


toffee candy


Found in 1958 , Olympic Hermes S.A is one of the most well known candy manufacturers in Greece.

In the last decade, with new, efficient administration and contemporary machinery, Olympic Hermes S.A keeps breaking ground by producing new items based on the most up-top-date know how.

All confections are made from the very finest ingredients and a continuous program of research is employed for the development of new products.

Our products have the lead part not only in the Greek market but also internationally, exporting to more than 30 countries.

Suncrest Foods Incorporated


Doowee Donut choco

doowee strawberry

Doowee White

Rebisco-For over 50 years, the Republic Biscuit Corporation (REBISCO), a recognized pioneer in the Biscuit industry, has positioned itself to be one of the dominant players in the Philippine snack food industry with a growing global presence.

The humble ventures of REBISCO began in a neighborhood bakeshop in old San Juan, Metro Manila in 1963. Starting out as England Biscuit Factory, the bakeshop was backed up by an English-type rotary oven which was considered top-of-the-line then. The production of flagship brands Crema (the first cream sandwich) and Sodatine (plain crackers) marked England Biscuit Factory's entry into the market. The company grew steadily and moved to Novaliches, Quezon City to operate in a more spacious factory. In 1972, it acquired a new image and name, becoming the REBISCO that we know today.

With its extensive distribution network, market research, technology and product development, and most importantly, its pledge to contribute to building the Filipino nation through its various corporate social responsibility programs, REBISCO has significantly grown and continued to strengthen its position in the market.

From a basic portfolio of biscuits such as the famous and pioneering Rebisco Cracker Sandwiches that generations of Filipinos have loved, REBISCO now carries a wide variety of snack food ranging from nuts and seeds, cakes, wafers, breads, chips and curls, candies and gums, and CHOCOLATES. This growth transpired through the creation of new partners over time such as JBC Food Corp. (1989), Suncrest Foods Inc. (1995), Multirich Foods Corp. and Pinnacle Foods Inc. (both in 1999), and SPI Corp. (2003).

By maintaining quality at par with nothing but the best in the industry, REBISCO stays true to its commitment of offering best-value, innovative and proudly Filipino-made snacks to consumers locally and globally--making delightful moments possible, everyday.

Khee san Food


snackie hazelnut

snackie milk

snackie wafer choco

Kheesan Foods-Khee San is the largest domestic manufacturer of candy and sweets in Malaysia with an illustrious history going back more than 50 years and famous heritage products such as the Torrone Barley Mint candy which is instantly recognisable to Malaysians bith young and old. It is also the only manufacturer that produces a 5 different type of candies.

Thai Victor Food

Nata de coco drink - Joiner







Rita Food & drinks. CO

Basil Juices

Cocktail Flavour

Lychee Flavour

Mixed Fruit Flavour

Passion Flavour

Peach Flavour

Pineapple Flavour

Grape Flavour

Van Pur

van pur home

Van Pur was established in 1989. Three years later, In 1992, it set in motion one of the first canning lines in Poland, in Rakszawa, not far from the south-eastern city of Rzeszów. Throughout the first year, the company concentrated exclusively on beer filling, as a co-packaging unit for other beer producers. A year later, in 1993, Van Pur began brewing its own beer.

The first Van Pur brew was Van Pur Premium, which even today is still one of the Rakszawa brewery's best-selling beers. Since then, the beer market has been greatly expanded. Initially, Van Pur took the opportunity to become a precursor on the national market of strong beers, producing beverages with 18% extract by weight. Subsequently, the company focused on building a broad portfolioof products and solutions for the retail, both on Polish and international markets.

In 2000, a change in ownership took place. Until 2003, the breweries were owned by the Austrian company, Brau Union. But after those three short years, Van Pur was bought back by the original owners and became, once again, an independent Polish brewery. This heralded a period of dynamic development, with the breweries in Zabrze and Koszalin folded into the Company's structure in 2005 and 2009 respectively. As a result of a contract concluded with Royal Unibrew in 2011, the Łomża and Jędrzejów breweries increased Van Pur's production capacity. Now, the network of five Van Pur breweries has an annual production capacity of 4 million hectolitres.

After two decades of specialisation on the beer market, Van Pur branched out in2013 with malt-based non-alcoholic beverages. This was the first expansion of the Company's portfolio into soft drinks.

Van Pur is constantly modernising its production technology, and was the first brewer in Poland to manufacture its own packaging. In 2013, at the brewery in Rakszawa, a plasmax-coated PET bottling line was installed. Plasmax is an ultrathin coating which provides an optimal barrier against gas migration from PET bottles, at the same time protecting beer from oxidation and loss of CO2. The quality and freshness of the bottled product is then preserved for extended expiry dates.

Elephant House

Ginger Beer

Elephant House - Elephant Ginger is a unique and popular carbonated soft drink developed in Srilanka more than 100 years ago. Also known as EGB , is the only natural ginger beer in the local market so far and has maintained that quality thought the years giving the consumers a beverage with a unique natural distinctive taste. The product is made ysing natural ginger extracts which is sourced from local farmers.

Emporio Granada

Baron de Bercy > Non alcoholic Wine

Baron De Bercy

Emporio granada - Emporio Granda is an strategic alliance thats brings together a group of spanish leading companies within the beverage industry, offering broad portfolio of high quality food products at competitive prices.

Company located in Granada, with long experience and knowledge working with foreign markets across the five continents and the possibilities of the different products, Our commitment is to off our customers the best service in a professional and responsible manner.

Choco Bello

Chocolate pie

Chocolate pie 6 pcs

Chocolate pie 12 pcs


Non alcoholic Wines

lussory red

lussory white

Passion, intelligence and creativity are our bywords. Nothing is impossible, we've tried to push back the limits, believe in the incredible, and create something that nobody considered possible, obtaining a zero alcohol pure wine, without additives, flavours or stabilizers, a product created totally from wine.

We are proud to announce and present the first wines that have 0% alcohol content, are 100% pure and bear the Halal certification.

LUSSORY has arrived as a unique, unrepeatable wine.

For this reason a vineyard or an area with outstanding characteristics is chosen. These small high-quality batches and our exacting, unique care give grapes that, with the skill and wisdom of the author or creator, lead from a painstaking, long process to ultimately become the dream of an incomparable wine.

These wines reflect the personality of the wine producer who plays the role of the conductor of an orchestra formed by a reduced number of individuals all working with devotion and passion to make the dream a reality.

Our ultimate secret is a new patented dealcoholisation system that allows us to obtain a one hundred percent pure wine, but alcohol free.

These are limited, exclusive editions to ensure the best quality and intensity of the wine.

LUSSORY represents the pinnacle of our wine tasters achievements.

San Marino

Sparkling drink

san marino redr

san marino white grape

win2 Foods

Potato Crisp crackers tomato flavour

Cheese Bread

Potato Crisp crackers

Choclate cream sandwich crackers

Vanilla cream sandwich crackers


potato crisp sour cream flavour

Magic Crunch chocolate filling Flavour

potato crisp vegetable flavour

Magic Crunch Strawberry filling Flavour

Magic Crunch Vanilla filling Flavour

Nutri 5 choclate flavour

Nutri 5 Original flavour

Potato Crisp crackers BBQ flavour

Win Win Food is a leading manufacturer of delectable corn snacks, wafer rolls, CHOCOLATE sweets and variety of delicious biscuit and cookie products.

In 2005, the company located its main production facilities in Johor, Malaysia. At this state-of-the-art facility, Win Win produces a wide range of food products for distribution in Singapore, Malaysia and throughout the Asia Pacific (including China, Japan and Korea) and the Middle East.


Chilli Sauce

ExtraHot Sauce


linghams sriracha sauce

Original Hot Sauce

Linghams-When the worldly gentleman Mr Lingham came up with the recipe for a multi-use condiment he didn't quite realize how famous it would become.

For over a century Lingham's hot chili sauce has ignited the taste buds of the British, fired up the Europeans, is a hot culinary star of Asia and now it's adding spicy heat to many iconic American foods.

Being 100% all natural, Lingham's doesn't have the chemically modified kick of others but rather a distinctive sweet and spicy taste.

Much loved by cooking enthusiasts throughout the world, which comes from our original 4 ingredient recipe of juicy fresh red ripe chili peppers, sugar, salt and distilled vinegar.

And to prove it, Lingham's has tributes from around the world from die-hard chili fans, including a letter from grateful British soldiers who were merely following a proud tradition of packing Lingham's in their rations that dated back to World War II.

Lingham's can now unabashedly claim to be 'the world's finest multi-use condiment'.

Today from Penang to Paris, New Delhi to New York, Singapore to St. Petersburg, and everything in between, Lingham's hot sauce speaks a universal language.

Sweet and spicy, unique and versatile, deliciously 100% natural.